Re-installing Windows

If a bot was unable to be removed it would be advisable at this point to re-install Windows. Thereby, we have made guidelines available to assist you on re-installing Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Secure your data on an external storage medium, before you re-install Windows.

Installation Guidelines

New installation Windows XP
New installation Windows Vista
New installation Windows 7
Change BIOS boot sequence

Backup Programs

It is essential that you secure your personal data before a new installation and/or before cleaning the computer. The windows built-in backup program should be sufficient. It is also possible to use other programs such as the free Personal Backup software, or something similar e.g. Areca Backup You will find a guideline: Backing-up your data:Microsoft Reference: Backup.

To prevent the re-infection of your computer please note these important rules:

  1. Check your computer for infection. Please use our EU-Cleaner to remove all malware.
  2. Install current Service Packs and Security Updates for your system. Activate automatic updates. Microsoft Instructions: Protect.
  3. Check your Internet browser and the embedded plugins (e.g. Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime) regularly to make sure they are up to date. Browser- and Plugincheck
  4. Install a virus scanner, e.g. one that is mentioned here and update it regularly.
  5. Use a firewall e.g. built-in Windows firewall or a router. More Information about Firewalls..


You can find further details about protecting your computer here on our Prevention page.