In order to ensure optimal protection, it is necessary that system updates are made regularly and automatically. In this section we describe how you can protect your system against infection. These measures can help you to surf on the Internet more safely.

To prevent the re-infection of your computer please note these important rules:

  1. Check your computer for infection. Please use our EU-Cleaner to remove all malware.
  2. Install current Service Packs and Security Updates for your system. Activate automatic updates. Microsoft Instructions: Protect.
  3. Check your Internet browser and the embedded plugins (e.g. Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime) regularly to make sure they are up to date. Browser- and Plugincheck
  4. Install a virus scanner, e.g. one that is mentioned here and update it regularly.
  5. Use a firewall e.g. built-in Windows firewall or a router. More Information about Firewalls..


Despite using these technical precautions, you should always have a healthy suspicion of any emails from unknown senders and/or containing dubious content (such as prize notifications, requests to enter your bank account details onto webpages, etc) and/or that have email attachments.

You can find further details about protecting your computer here on our Prevention