Firewall & Broadband Router

To conclude you should secure your system with a Firewall or a Broadband router. A Firewall, e.g. the Windows built-in Firewall, controls the datastream between networks and filters or blocks on the basis of a given filter or rule. Thus protecting against intruders via the Internet.
A Router, e.g. a DSL-Router has an essential advantage of having its own built-in firewall that seperates public from private networks.

Pic.: Typical internet home connection scenario.

Instruction for the configuration of Windows built-in Firewall

Firewall configuration under Windows XP.
Firewall configuration under Windows Vista.
Firewall configuration under Windows 7.


Congratulations! You have accomplished all the necessary tasks to free your computer from malicious software and protect yourself against new attacks. Please be aware, for future reference, of our Basic Rules, making it possible to surf the Internet safely.
Thank you!

To prevent the re-infection of your computer please note these important rules:

  1. Check your computer for infection. Please use our EU-Cleaner to remove all malware.
  2. Install current Service Packs and Security Updates for your system. Activate automatic updates. Microsoft Instructions: Protect.
  3. Check your Internet browser and the embedded plugins (e.g. Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime) regularly to make sure they are up to date. Browser- and Plugincheck
  4. Install a virus scanner, e.g. one that is mentioned here and update it regularly.
  5. Use a firewall e.g. built-in Windows firewall or a router. More Information about Firewalls..


You can find further details about protecting your computer here on our Prevention page.